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Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE)


Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) is affiliated to the Institute of Aircraft design at the faculty of aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart. At the chair, the work of the wind energy pioneer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hütter (1910 - 1989) is continued within research and teaching programs. Research and teaching in the field of wind energy is executed multi disciplinary and internationally and students of all faculties of the University of Stuttgart are welcome. The expansion and usage of wind energy and other renewable energy sources is actively supported. Since 2011 Prof. Po Wen Cheng is head of the chair.

The SWE was established in 2004 thanks to an endowment of Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht, founder of the Putzmeister AG, Aichtal. Research at the Endowed Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) treats wind turbines as complex integrated systems. The researcher focus in their work on improving the reliability of turbines and on lowering the production costs of energy. Thus, central topics comprise the testing and measurement, the conceptual design and system simulation, and the control, optimization and monitoring of large grid-connected wind turbines onshore and especially offshore. A news section of the SWE you find here.

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