Stuttgart Wind Energy

Germany's First University Chair for Wind Energy

Who We Are

The SWE is the first university chair for wind energy in Germany, was founded in 2004 and is based on an endowment by Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht, founder of Putzmeister AG, Aichtal. The use of wind energy is actively promoted through cooperations within the university, with companies, and other research institutions. In research, the SWE concentrates on understanding wind turbines as an integral system. Theoretical and practical basics of wind energy are taught in lectures.

Research Objectives

In order to establish renewable energies in the long term and implement the energy transition, energy production costs must continue to fall. This applies both to the conversion of wind energy onshore and offshore on the high seas.

In order for the expansion of wind energy to proceed, disruptive factors must be minimized in order to increase acceptance among the population. This also includes a precise understanding and reduction of noise emissions from wind turbines and wind farms.

The integration of fluctuating renewable energy into the electricity grid is one of the greatest challenges in the transition from centralised to decentralised energy supply. Forecasts of the performance of wind farms are particularly important here, which help the grid operator to optimise the energy mix and, for example, to start up a gas-fired power plant in good time in the event of a slump.

Research Groups

Test and Measurement

The research group "Test and Measurement" deals with measurement methods related to wind energy. The focus of the research is on lidar- and UAV-based wind field investigations for various wind energy applications, and sound measurements around wind turbines and wind farms.

Design, Control and Simulation

The research group "Design, Control and Simulation" considers the wind turbine system in all areas: from hydrodynamics to interactions of the electrical grid and control to aeroelasticity and load distribution in wind farms. The investigation of these sub-areas can be optimized by their consideration in the overall system. The research comprises design, modelling and simulation of the respective subsystems in the context of the entire plant.

Head of Chair

This image shows Po Wen Cheng

Po Wen Cheng

Prof. Dr.

Head of Wind Energy

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