Material Characterization and Testing

Quasistatic and dynamic destructive material testing, e.g. of fibre-reinforced plastics

Modern equipment operated at IFB offers a wide variety of material testing possibilities with a focus on composite materials. Quasi-static and dynamic (including fatigue) tests can be conducted for a number of specimen types ranging from coupons to large full-scale components.

Standardized tests (DIN EN ISO, ASTM, etc.) can be carried out at temperatures ranging from -60°C up to 250°C. For a comprehensive list of standardized test methods carried out at IFB please refer to the document below. Test equipment includes two universal testing machines with different load cells (up to 250kN), a dynamic tension-torsion testing machine (up to 100kN) and a test field with 6 servo-hydraulic actuators (5 axial up to 250kN, 1 torsional up to 4kNm).

A variety of options for strain measurement is available as well. Apart from standard strain gauges we possess different types of Extensometers (mechanical an video). Complex strain field measurement is conducted with a DIC measurement system Aramis from GOM. Specimens can be conditioned e.g. for hot/wet testing at different temperatures and relative humidities in a climate cabinet.

In addition to available testing equipment, the IFB machine-shop can quickly realise individually adapted test assemblies and custom test fixtures. Test laminates and composite components can be manufactured in-house using available vacuum assisted infusion (VARI, VAP etc.), press and autoclave processing.

Our thermochemistry laboratory enables the realisation of different thermal and chemical testing methods (e.g. Fibre-Volume-Ratio, DMA, DSC, TGA, etc.). Next to thermochemistry testing equipment we are also equipped with stereo-microscopy (X50), reflected light microscope (X1000) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

For several years IFB has been in charge of testing of outgoing goods for a leading aerospace supplier. The testing process and quality assurance is audited annually.

Our testing experts are available for consultation in order to fulfil your testing requirements.


This image shows Miloš Drašković

Miloš Drašković


Head of Materials and Structural Testing

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