Test and Measurement

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Measurement methods around wind energy.

The research group Test and Measurement deals with measurement methods in the field of wind energy. The aim is to determine typical parameters such as wind, loads and noise and to investigate the influence on the wind turbine itself, but also on man and nature. Various measuring techniques are used for this purpose, such as lidar devices for remote sensing measurement of wind speed. The team cooperates internationally with other research institutions and carries out important committee work in order to promote the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, especially with industry.

Focus areas

One focus of the research group is the development of new measurement technology for wind field investigation. This includes a nacelle-based lidar scanner, which can measure the upstream and downstream wind field at a wind turbine with high temporal and spatial resolution. On the other hand, a swarm of drones is currently being developed with which complex flow can be measured with the aid of hot-wire probes.

A fleet of self-developed and commercial wind measurement technology such as lidar devices, ultrasonic anemometers, and UAV drones is used in the team for various applications around the optimization of wind energy. This includes the measurement of wind conditions offshore by means of a lidar buoy for site assessment, the minute-scale power prediction of on- and offshore wind turbines and wind farms by means of long-range lidar, or the measurement of the wind field in mountainous complex terrain to investigate the power curves and loads of wind turbines in complex flow conditions.

In order to investigate the sound propagation of wind turbines, the team relies on microphone measurement technology which, in combination with the measurement of meteorological variables, enables conclusions to be drawn about the sound emission of the turbines, especially in the low-frequency range, under different environmental conditions.

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