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Fabian Schurig


Research Associate
Institute of Aircraft Design
Stuttgart Windergy


+49 711 685 68332

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Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.54A

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The inflow conditions of a wind turbine can vary greatly depending on weather conditions and terrain. To better understand these inflow conditions and to validate general wind field models, measurements are crucial. A measurement mast is expensive and can only provide measurement data at a single location.

Therefore, I am concerned with the development of a measurement system that works on the platform of a multicopter. This allows us to flexibly generate measurement data at several points in space. The drone swarm is named ANDroMeDA and consists of 4 octocopters and 2 quadcopters.

The ANDroMeDA drone is designed so that each rotor arm rotates separately. This allows the drone to keep the instrument on a horizontal plane and respond very quickly without changing the rotor speed.

Development tasks include software and hardware work on the UAV, as well as the design and maintenance of the measurement instruments, which can be attached to the UAV.


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    2012 - 2020

     Studies of "Aerospace Engineering" at the University of Stuttgart

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