Steffen Raach

Steffen Raach
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Flugzeugbau
Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart

  • Wind farm control
  • Reduced order modeling of wind turbines and wind farm interactions
  • Lidar wind field reconstruction
  • Lidar-based wind turbine control
  • Field testing of lidar-based controllers
  • Wind turbine control
  • Floating wind turbine control

Conference Papers (peer reviewed):

[12] Luhmann, B., Borisade, F., Raach, S., Cheng, P.W.: Coupled Aero-Elastic Multi-Body Simulation of Two-Bladed Wind Turbines in Wind Park Arrays, AIAA conference, San Diego, USA, 2016

[11] Schlipf, D., Fleming, P. Raach, S., Scholbrock, A., Haizmann, F., Krishnamurthy, R., Boquet, M., Cheng, P.W.: An adaptive data processing technique for lidar-assisted control to bridge the gap between lidar systems and wind turbines, EWEA, Paris, France, 2015

[10] Lemmer, F., Raach, S., Schlipf, D., Cheng, P.W. Prospects of linear model predictive control on a 10MW, in the Proceedings of the ASME 34 th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, 2015

[9] Raach, S., Schlipf, D., Trujillo, J.J. , Cheng, P.W.: Model-based wake tracking using lidar measurements for wind farm control, Windfarms 2015 conferences, Leuven, Belgium, 2015

[8] Raach, S., Schlipf, D., Trujillo, J.J. , Cheng, P.W.: Lidar-based wake tracking for wind farm control at alpha ventus, RAVE conference, Bremerhaven, Germany, 2015

[7] Haizmann, F., Schlipf, D., Raach, S., Scholbrock, A., Wright, A., Slinger, C., Medley, J., Harris, M., Bossanyi, E., Cheng, P.W.: Optimization of a feed-forward controller using a CW-lidar system on the CART3, in the Proceedings of the American Control Conference, 2015

[6] Würth I., Haizmann F., Anger J., Schlipf D., Hofsäß M., Raach S., Cheng P.W., Four years of nacelle-based lidar measurements in alpha ventus – a review, RAVE Offshore Wind R&D Conference, Bremerhaven, German Wind Energy Conference (DEWEK), 2015.

[5] Raach S, Schlipf D., Haizmann F., Fürst F, Würth I, Cheng P.W., Advances in lidar-assisted control and power curve measurement of wind turbines in the LIDAR II project, EWEA Offshore, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015.

[4] S. Raach, D. Schlipf, F. Haizmann, P. W. Cheng, Three Dimensional Dynamic Model Based Wind Field Reconstruction from Lidar Data,Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 524, 1, 012005, The Science of Making Torque From Wind, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014

[3] D. Schlipf, P. Grau, S. Raach, R. Duraiski, J. Trierweiler, P. W. Cheng, Comparison of linear and nonlinear model predictive control of wind turbines using LIDAR , in the Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), Portland, USA, 2014

[2] S. Raach, D. Schlipf, F. Sandner, P. W. Cheng, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Floating Wind Turbines with Individual Pitch Control , in the Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC), Portland, USA, 2014

[1] D. Schlipf, F. Sandner, S. Raach, D. Matha, P. W. Cheng, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Floating Wind Turbines , ISOPE, Anchorage, USA, July 2013.



Studentische Arbeiten:

Auf Anfrage biete ich immer wieder Arbeiten in den Themengebieten

  • Reduzierte Strömungsmodellierung und Strukturkopplung
  • Anwendung von CFD Simulationstools
  • Verteilte Regelung von Windturbinen
  • Regler und Beobachterentwurf im Windpark



2007 - 2013 Dipl.-Ing of Engineering Cybernetics, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
2011 Visiting scholar at Technical University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland with a DAAD scholarship.
2013 Diploma thesis "Model predictive control of a floating wind turbine with individual pitch control" at SWE.
since 10/2013 Research Assistant and PhD candidate at SWE.