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Aircraft Design

The teaching in the field of aircraft design deals with the description of the basic procedures of aircraft design and the critical reflection of the used empirical methods. In the context of the ‘Aircraft Design Workshop’ (‘Flugzeugentwurfsseminar’) the students are given the opportunity to perform an entire aircraft design process by doing group work. The relating scenarios and boundary values are defined in collaboration with the ‘Future Project Office’ of Airbus Industries.
In the area of research, the department ‘Aircraft Design’ (‘Flugzeugentwurf’) particularly deals with the following three topics:
Manned Aircraft Projects
This topic deals with the development, construction, and testing of trendsetting light plane projects. The focus lies on the combination of eco-efficient concepts with alternative propulsion technologies. The solar aircraft ‘icaré’ and the battery powered aircraft ‘e-Genius’ are used by the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) for the practical testing of both alternative propulsion and energy storage technologies.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
The research group ‘UAV’ conducts research on the design and construction of fixed-wing and helicopter UAVs, development of avionics, system integration, and professional flight test planning and execution. The biggest UAVs realized until today are ‘VELA2’, ‘NACRE’ and ‘AMPAIR’.
The aim is the improvement of the statistical preliminary draft tools. They are used in the field of the mass forecast of main components as well as connecting elements of the aircraft structure.