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The two-seated battery powered aircraft e-Genius has been developed for the practical testing of alternative propulsion and energy storage technologies. e-Genius complements the research focus on electrical flying at the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB). Instead of the modification of a conventional aircraft, the configuration of e-Genius has been completely re-designed and optimized for the electric propulsion system. The special feature is the big, slowly rotating propeller that is mounted in the vertical stabilizer. The propeller has high propulsion efficiency and made it possible to use a small and light gear. In the current level of development the aircraft has a maximum range of approximately 400 km by using a fuel equivalent of 1.3 l per 100 km. The area behind the side by side sitting pilots offers enough space for different energy storage systems. e-Genius is the most powerful two-seated electric aircraft in the world.
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Icaré 2

Text?icaré is a solar power-operated high performance aircraft which has been designed for minimum sink rates. The specific features of this aircraft are, among others, a low empty weight and the low cruise speed that remembers to the characteristics of an old-timer. The electric motor (12 kW) is mounted at the vertical stabilizer for an optimum efficiency. A rechargeable battery allows self launching and storage of solar energy. icaré only needs 2 kW of electric power for horizontal flying. The solar panel surface area (more than 20 m2) of the aircraft generates up to 3.5 kW under perfect sunlight conditions. Due to its special design, icaré responds very sensitively to weak thermals. Consequently, a combination of motor and thermal flying is possible in addition to classic motor flying. Until today, icaré has set four official FAI world records.

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