Triple A models for wind turbine aerodynamics

Titel: Triple A models for wind turbine aerodynamics
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Calculations for wind turbine design certification are inherently very time consuming which is the reason why so-called engineering models are used for the aerodynamic part in wind turbine design codes. These engineering models are efficient but they lack physics on e.g. unsteady effects and yawed (skewed) inflow [1]. On the other hand Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) tools and free vortex wake methods are used which include much more physics but which cannot be used for industrial design calculations in view of the excessive calculational times.The aim of the EU project AVATAR (Advanced Aerodynamic Tools for lArge Rotors) is to improve engineering models by calibrating them to more advanced CFD and Free Vortex wake tools [2]. The project is carried out in a European Framework with 13 participants, including 2 industries. It is coordinated by ECN with University of Stuttgart as one of the participants.


The proposed thesis project aims to improve current engineering models in wind turbine design codes in terms of unsteady effects and yawed conditions. Thereto calculations from free vortex wake methods and possibly CFD tools as available at ECN and Forwind are carried out and the results are analyzed. Moreover calculational results from other participants will be studied. On basis of these analyses and on basis of physical insights improvements to engineering models will be defined. The thesis project is supervised by ECN (Dr. Gerard Schepers and Dr. Koen Boorsma) in close cooperation with University of Stuttgart.  The number of potential improvements is vast which makes that there is room for 2 MsC thesis students.


Knowledge of wind turbine aerodynamic modelling and numerical programming is an advantage. Moreover a good physical insight is an advantage. The project needs to be carried out at ECN in Petten. Assistance on finding housing is offered. Students which are employed at ECN receive a fee.

Starting date
As soon as possible

[1] J.G. Schepers: Engineering models in wind energy aerodynamics: Development, implementation and analysis using dedicated aerodynamic measurements, PhD thesis TUDelft 2012