Testing and analysis for porosity in infused composite structures

Titel: Testing and analysis for porosity in infused composite structures
  • Masterarbeit
Status: laufend


In the last decades composite structures have increased their popularity due to their mechanical properties and lightweight. Among many different production techniques, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) represents a good combination of technical and environmental advantages. This technique consists in the injection of a resin matrix into a closed mold in which the reinforcement material is placed. With the increase of popularity also the request of high quality parts became fundamental. Thus the understanding of production related defects and their prevention represent a topical challenge in the modern industry. Amongst this defects the most severe is porosity: once the matrix has been cured and hardened voids created during infusion remain trapped between the fibers or tows of the reinforcement.


The project will include a first literature review of the phenomenon with the aim of understanding the causes and present modeling techniques.The models found in literature will be then implemented in the simulation tool and validated with experimental results.The aim of the project is to address the porosity problem to physical conditions (for example velocity of the flow) and demonstrate the validity with the reproduction of the phenomenon with tests. The numerical work will be performed with the software Pam-RTM.


  • Literature research about porosity generation and modeling techniques
  • Part geometry definition and software preparation
  • Implementation of the relevant modeling techniques in the simulation model
  • Experimental tests with the aim of visualizing and understanding porosity
  • Comparison with the simulation results
  • Reproduction of simple porosity cases trying to address the phenomenon to physical parameters


  • Basic knowledge of composite materials and production techniques in advantage
  • Basic knowledge of finite elements methods in advantage
  • The candidate should be motivated in composite materials
  • The project can be done in German or English


  • Numerical modelling
  • Simulation of Composites-Structures and processes
  • Practical testing experience