Composites Modelling

Dozent: Pickett, T.

Link: C@MPUS

Starttermin der Veranstaltung im WS 18/19: 17.10.2018

The course is limited to 50 students. For participation please register on C@MPUS.

This course covers a wide range of numerical methods applied to composite materials and includes:

  • An introduction and application of micro-mechanics to determine composite stiffness and failure
  • Laminate analysis for stiffness and failure prediction
  • Finite Element simulation of linear, nonlinear and impact/crash loaded composite structures
  • Composites processing including forming and draping of composite fabrics
  • Modelling for infusion and heat flow in Liquid Composite Moulding processes
Although the course emphasises numerical methods applied to advanced composites the work will be valuable to other materials and manufacturing processes.  The Finite Element theory and application are, for example, general.
The course will consist of 90 minutes of theory lectures per week supplemented with a similar period of practical work using commercial software packages including the composites analysis packages CADEC and LAP, and the Finite Element packages PAM-CRASH (explicit and implicit), PAM-RTM and PAM-FORM.
The teaching language will be English and assessment will be via assignments.