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Manufacturing technologies

As efforts to reduce weight and cost would often result in contradicting designs, a trade-off between both has to be found. As an example, it is generally accepted that a weight reduction of 1 kg in an aircraft may cost a couple of hundred Euros at most, while the additional costs in an automobile must not exceed 10 Euros.

Composite manufacturing technology
In order to achieve this, a number of innovative concepts for the production of FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) parts are being developed at the Institute for Aircraft Design. The department for composite technologies addresses all phases of a real development process chain: the dimensioning of structural parts, the application of different production technologies as well as the testing of components.

Fold core technology
Furthermore, highly innovative sandwich core materials are being developed and built at the institute. These fold core materials can be adapted to fulfil individual mechanical and geometrical requirements. By implementing these into structures, both weight and costs can be reduced.

Image: A cutout of a carbon fibre weave (left) and a sandwich fold core structure (right).