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Development of a floating lidar system


The main objective of this project was the development of a floating platform or buoy for meteorological and oceanographic measurements on the sea. For the measurements of the wind field, a lidar device should be used. Other objectives in this project included the development of methods to compensate motion effects of such a floating platform related to the measurement of the wind field as well as the preparation of the collected data for future users in the field of wind energy. Furthermore, methods should be developed which, based on measurements of this buoy, allow a more accurate prediction of wind and wave conditions.


December 2011 to October 2014

Project coordination:
IREC  (Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya)

funded by KIC InnoEnergy
with 227.429,00 €



Content at SWE

  • Collaboration and support of measurement campaigns of the buoy and the lidar system.
  • Analysis and further processing of the measurement data collected during these measurement campaigns.
  • Development of methods for compensation of buoy movement on lidar measurement
  • Development of software solutions for the processing of collected data for applications in the field of wind energy.

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