Next generation of offshore wind measurements using a lidar scanner on offshore buoys


The aim of the Eurostars-NEOWIND project is to develop a modular lidar system (LMS) for offshore use, which has a significantly higher accuracy compared to the state of the art. The planned LMS is suitable for the integration of so-called scanning and vertically measuring lidar types and can be used on all platform types in all phases (planning, construction and operation) of a wind farm project, making it a pioneering technology for the optimisation of offshore wind farms.
As part of the subproject NEOWIND-Scanner, the existing onshore prototype of the SWE Scanning Lidar will be further developed into an offshore version. This represents a significant advance and opens up new application possibilities in terms of characterising, controlling and monitoring the flow in wind farms.


01.08.2022 - 31.07.20241

Project coordination:
EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions

funded by german BMBF
with 356.475,52 €


Content at SWE

  • Hardware development and integration of an offshore prototype of the scanning lidar
  • Development of motion-adaptive scanning modes for the scanning lidar
  • Reliability analysis of the scanning lidar prototype
  • Motion platform testing and measurement campaign with Vertical + Scanning Lidar
  • Proof-of-concept test campaign

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