Towards a fuller understanding of the wind and its effects on wind power generation


Meridional aims to develop a tool chain to increase accuracy in energy yield assessment and loads in onshore, offshore, and airborne wind energy devices. Over the next four years, the partners will work on a comprehensively validated framework based on an open-source platform which will draw on an integrated knowledge and data hub to allow the efficient and accurate assessment of the performance and loads experienced by onshore, offshore, and airborne wind energy systems.


October 2022 to October 2026

Project coordination:
Delft University of Technology

funded by the European Commission with 6.7 Mio €



Content at SWE

  • Development of multi-sensor network
  • Collection of wind and turbulence data with long-range lidar and multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • High-frequency data by UAVs Hotwires to UAVs
  • Wide range of inflow conditions: Field tests at different times of the year and day at several locations 

Further information about the group

  • mid-fidelity simulation data with FastFarm based on the HiFi simulations from Project partners in complex terrain and measurements from the UAV and lidar data Multi-Sensor-Network
  • main goal: better estimation of loads in complex/waked flow

Further information about the group

Contact at SWE

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Fabian Schurig


Research Associate

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