Analysis and Mitigation Concepts – Resident experience of Acoustic and Seismic Emissions of WT


The project Inter-Wind deals with the analysis of annoyance, basic data acquisition and development of sound-reducing operating modes for wind turbines in low mountain ranges. The project is related to the wind farms Tegelberg and Lauterstein on the Swabian Alb. This comprehensive con-cept enables the examination of wind turbine emissions before and after the construction of the research wind turbines on the WINSENT-testfield. Acoustic and seismic emissions and immissions are measured together with meteorological conditions and they are related to annoyance of local residents.


May 2020 to December 2022

Project coordination:
Medical School Hamburg (MSH)

funded by german BMWi
with 1.4 Mio€



Content at SWE

  • Measurement campagnes for acoustic measurements
  • Data processing and evaluation of airborne sound propagation from the source to the receiver location
  • Development of self-sufficient and flexible sound measuring system

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