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The project pursues the optimisation of the economic operation of large offshore wind farms and generation in the interconnected grid. Ultimately, the project should contribute to reducing the yield risks of offshore wind farms under the specific meteorological conditions of the Baltic Sea. The research focus is on the grid integration of wind farms, including power forecasts and novel strategies for monitoring the operational behaviour of individual wind turbines and the wind farm as a whole.


March 2011 bis May 2014

Project coordination:

funded by german BMWi
with ...



Project partners

EnBW Erneuerbare Energien GmbH
Universität Oldenburg

Content at SWE

Long-range LiDAR wind measurement for wind park wake analysis and power curve measurement

Further information about the group

Further developement of moad monitoring procedures

Further information about the group

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Po Wen Cheng

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Head of Wind Energy

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