Adaptive Operating Strategies for existing Wind Power Plants (ABBA)


The research project ABBA will design flexible operation strategies that enable existing wind energy plants an improved operation under current and future circumstances. For this, integration of direct pricing, lidar-generated wind forcasts and load monitoring into operations management are the points of focus. Secondly, data-driven control strategies aim to accomplish lifetime extension, to boost energy gain, to cut noise issues and to provide control energy options as grid support. The proposed and simulated operating strategies will then be field-tested at a 2 MW and two 6 MW wind energy plant test sites.


October 2022 to September 2025

Project coordination:
Wind Energy Technology Institute (WETI) der Hochschule Flensburg
Stuttgarter Lehrstuhl für Windenergie (SWE)

funded by german BMWK
with 345.213,29 €



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For testing new operating strategies, the SWE, work group VuM, will use the SWE-developed research scanning lidar in a measurement campaign to operate in parallel with a commercial lidar on the MM92 test site.

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To develop and simulate operating strategies, the SWE, work group Cosi, will investigate the analysis of residual life time of existing wind energy plants, the impact of strategies for life time extension and energy yield increase. Furthermore, an evaluation of the benefits of upgrading existing wind power plants with battery storage and hydrogen production for increasing proceeds from direct marketing as well as supplying system integration services will complete this research.

Further information about the group

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Sebastian Putzke


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