The objective of EMUwind is to reform the input wind fields for load simulations.


The sub-project primarily addresses the experimental measurement and application-oriented side of the overall research project. The core task of the University of Stuttgart is the systematic and method-oriented planning, implementation and evaluation of a wind measurement campaign. This will take place in the industrial and port area "Maasvlakte 2" in Rotterdam. On a prototype of the world's largest wind turbine Haliade-X 14 MW of the project partner GE, the concept of a multi-sensor network will be used for the first time, which combines the advantages of different wind measurement devices (in particular SWE Lidar Scanner 2.0 as well as SWE UAV "ANDroMeDA"). It should be possible to reconstruct site-specific wind fields directly from the fused measurement data and thus to perform experimental modeling. Furthermore, the collected measurement data will also serve as a validation basis for other theories and approaches investigated in the project.


02-2021 bis 01-2024

Project coordination:
Forschungszentrum für Windenergieforschung der Universitäten Oldenburg, Hannover und Bremen (ForWind), Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

funded by german BMWK and PtJ
with 714.654,00 €€



Content at SWE

• Systematic and methodical planning, execution and evaluation of experiments / measurement campaigns on a large scale using multiple sensor sources
• Further development of the SWE wind measurement technology
• Development, implementation and testing of a multi-sensor network
• Data fusion of different sensor sources and subsequent reconstruction of new or improved wind fields for load simulations

Further information about the group

• Wind and load simulations with experimentally reconstructed wind fields

Further information about the group

Contact at SWE

Holger Fürst


Research Associate

This image shows Po Wen Cheng

Po Wen Cheng

Prof. Dr.

Head of Wind Energy

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