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Nicole Frommer


Research Associate
Institut of Aircraft Design
Stuttgart Wind Energy


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Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
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My field, through the ICM-autoKite project, primarily involves the simulation of Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES). These systems were first described theoretically in the 1980s and are still a relatively young field of research. Major advances have only become technically possible in the last 15 years. AWES convert wind energy to electricity through tethered kites or aircraft.

In discussions about the energy turnaround, the problem of wind not blowing constantly is regularly referred to. This technology is characterized by several advantages. One important one is better availability through the use of more constant high-altitude winds. Other important advantages represent lower material requirements and better mobility.

Among the current challenges in research is the simulation of such systems, which should contribute to the overall understanding. Various open-source simulation programs already exist, but they are very specific due to the different operating principles and kite systems and do not fit the conditions of the demonstrator from the ICM-autoKite project.

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    2014 - 2021

    Studies of airospace engeneering

    Dec. 2020 bis May 2021 Master thesis: Modelling and numerical investigation of ice particle-wall-interaction
    Since 2021 Research associate at Stuttgart Wind Energy
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