Measurement campaigns of the Inter-Wind project completed

March 1, 2023

Acoustic measurement campaigns carried out in the framework of the Inter-Wind project at a wind farm in the Swabian Alb have been completed since last week.

The overall objectives of the Inter-Wind project are to derive transferable analytical approaches and recommendations that will guide problem analyses, mitigation measures, and noise and ground motion propagation forecasts for wind farms in regions with rocky subsoil. For this purpose, the project is cooperating with the municipality and the citizens' initiative Windkraftanlagen Kuchen as well as with the operators of the Tegelberg wind farms. 

The Stuttgart Chair of Wind Energy conducted the acoustic measurements at the wind farm and 1 km away at various residents and an outdoor swimming pool in the town of Kuchen at the Tegelberg wind farm. Since 2020, three measurement campaigns have been carried out at this wind farm and 4.5 TB of measurement data have been collected on approximately 250 days.

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Esther Blumendeller

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