„Composites in Action”

February 12, 2016 /

"Composites in Action" at JEC 2016 in Paris

The development of high performance composite parts is a core competence at IFB Stuttgart

At "Composites World" from 8 to 10 March 2016 in Paris, the leading trade show for lightweight construction and fiber composite materials, for the first time the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) of the University of Stuttgart and the companies SikaAxson, FilaCon and Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group will be exhibiting together at a large joint booth (hall 6, booth number Q68). The consortium will demonstrate the production process for a carbon-reinforced load hook, which represents the entire chain of production for a mass-produced component made of fiber composite, from the initial concept to the finished component. Trade show visitors can experience live, how the carbon-fiber pre-form for the component is produced using the established tailored fiber placement process (TFP) and subsequent RTM injection. Focus for the carbon fiber part itself is on load path appropriate design and scrap free manufacturing.

The process is divided up into the fields of Engineering (IFB), TFP pre-forming (FilaCon), RTM injection technology (Hilger u. Kern) as well as resin system (Sika). The multi-cavity RTM tool was designed and built by the IFB. Based on decades of experience in the field of process development for fiber composite parts, all development steps for parts – from computer simulation right to pre-series production – can be performed at IFB. The RTM tool demonstrated allows a quick injection and curing process. As special highlight the RTM tool is equipped with a transparent upper mold to make the fiber-wetting processes visible for you during injection! The tool can be actively heated and cooled.

The highly reactive epoxy-resin system CR 122 / CH 125-1 is provided by SikaAxson. Already at room temperature its viscosity is very low, so it is eminently suitable for RTM processes.

The matrix system is provided quantity-controlled and pressure-regulated by the compomix RTM injection system from Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group. The injection operation is performed automatically by a robot, which docks the static mixing tube onto the tempered tool via an automatically closing valve. After metering the portion of resin, curing at 90 °C takes place in only a few minutes. During subsequent de-molding of the parts, trade show visitors can experience the quality of the parts first hand.

About the consortium:

For years now the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) of the University of Stuttgart has been successfully developing innovative production solutions for fiber composite parts and products on behalf of clients. During the development process the IFB works with expert partners from its extensive network, to find optimum solutions together for the tasks at hand.

The company FilaCon GmbH is a leading provider in the field of multi-head, industrial embroidery machines. Here, they focus in particular on the processing of carbon and glass fiber on the machines, and providing expert support and advice to customers on the road from concept to product.

The tooling & composites specialist SikaAxson, with facilities in the Stuttgart region, supplies suitable sealing and bonding substances as well as epoxy or PU based resin systems for all kinds of industrial applications.

The Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group with more than 250 employees is one of the wolds leading provider for dosing and mixing equipment used for processing of multi component polymer resins as well as sealing compounds and adhesives.

The Group with its distributors in more than 30 countries develops and manufactures equipment and components for chemical processing custom made to the needs of clients since more than 35years now.


Marko Szcesny, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Aircraft Design, Tel. ++49 (0)711/685-60388

E-Mail: szcesny (at) ifb.uni-stuttgart.de

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