OWEA Loads

probabilistic load description, monitoring and reduction of loads of future offshore wind turbines: cooperation project within RAVE (Research at alpha ventus)


  • Development of more accurate predictions for extreme and fatigue loads of current 5MW and future 10MW plants
  • Verification of dynamics models with state-of-the-art simulation tools
  • Load and fatigue monitoring for the service life analysis of wind turbines


January 2012 bis December 2015

Project coordination:
Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE) - University of Stuttgart

funded by german BMWi
with ...



Project partners

ForWind Universität Oldenburg
REpower Systems AG

Content at SWE

  • Aero- and hydroelastic simulations of two offshore wind turbines with jacket and tripod foundations
  • Verification of simulation results with measurement data


Further information about the group

Contact at SWE

This image shows Po Wen Cheng

Po Wen Cheng

Prof. Dr.

Head of Wind Energy

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