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Nicolas Möbs


Research Associate
Institute of Aircraft Design


+49 711 685 62407
+49 711 685 62449

Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 5.534


Preliminary Aircraft Design

Research Projects FutPrInt50 and H2Avia

  1. 2023

    1. Mangold, J., Eisenhut, D., Brenner, F., Moebs, N., & Strohmayer, A. (2023). Preliminary hybrid-electric aircraft design with advancements on the open-source tool SUAVE. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2526(1), Article 1.
    2. Eisenhut, D., Mangold, J., Moebs, N., Brenner, F., & Strohmayer, A. (2023). Case study on hybrid-electric aircraft designs enabled by an enhanced SUAVE version. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2526(1), Article 1.
    3. Moebs, N., Reis, R., Windels, E., Ertman, K., van Woensel, C., Kipouros, T., Westin, M., & Strohmayer, A. (2023). Development of the initial certification and technology roadmap for the FUTPRINT50 framework. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2526(1), Article 1.
    4. Brenner, F., Mangold, J., Eisenhut, D., Moebs, N., & Strohmayer, A. (2023). Deriving a year 2040 reference aircraft from a modern turboprop, implemented and calibrated in SUAVE. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2526(1), Article 1.
    5. Eissele, J., Lafer, S., Mejía-Burbano, C., Schließus, J., Wiedmann, T., Rotundo, C., Beyne, E., Hildebrandt, K., Peng, Y., Alessio, C., Moebs, N., Eisenhut, D., & Strohmayer, A. (2023). FUTPRINT50 Academy -- Aircraft Design Challenge 2022: Development of a hybrid-electric regional aircraft. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2526(1), Article 1.
  2. 2022

    1. Mangold, J., Silberhorn, D., Moebs, N., Dzikus, N., Hoelzen, J., Zill, T., & Strohmayer, A. (2022). Refueling of LH2 Aircraft---Assessment of Turnaround Procedures and Aircraft Design Implication. Energies, 15(7), Article 7.
    2. Mangold, J., Brenner, F., Moebs, N., & Strohmayer, A. (2022). Aircraft Design Implications of Alternative Fuels for Future Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft Configurations. Proceedings of  the 9th European Conference for Aerospace Sciences. Lille, France, 27 June - 1 July, 2022.
    3. Moebs, N., Eisenhut, D., Windels, E., van der Pols, J., & Strohmayer, A. (2022). Adaptive Initial Sizing Method and Safety Assessment for Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft. Aerospace, 9(3), Article 3.
  3. 2021

    1. Moebs, N., Eisenhut, D., Bergmann, D., & Strohmayer, A. (2021). Selecting figures of merit for a hybrid-electric 50-seat regional aircraft. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1024, 012071.
    2. Eisenhut, D., Moebs, N., Windels, E., Bergmann, D., Geiß, I., Reis, R., & Strohmayer, A. (2021). Aircraft Requirements for Sustainable Regional Aviation. Aerospace, 8(3), Article 3.

Teaching coordination for the Institute of Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design I - Exercise Course (2020-2022)

Since 2020 Research Associate in the Field of Preliminary Aircraft Design
2012-2019 Studies of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart
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