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Fiona Lüdecke


Research Associate
Institute of Aircraft Design
Stuttgart Wind Energy


+49 711 685 68337
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Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.66

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Within the WINSENT project set up aero-servo-elastic simulations to validate numerical multi-body models of wind turbines for research turbines.

My main research focus concerns electro-mechanical interactions in wind turbines. This research is motivated by the current trends towards ever higher rated power of wind turbines. Large wind turbines with rated power of 10 MW and more lead to new challenges in system design. In the case of gearless turbines, the generator often has a diameter of 10 m and more and weighs around 300t. At the same time, the generator has so far been considered an idealized component. This means that it is assumed that only torques are transmitted between the drive train and the electromagnetic field. The size of the generators leads to the desire to rethink the design in order to save mass. Before analysing the mass saving potential in detail, clarification is needed for boundary conditions. It has to be analysed when interactions between the electromagnetic field and the mechanical behaviour of the drive train transverse to the direction of rotation can arise and whether they would become relevant for the design of the wind turbine.

  1. Lüdecke, F. D. und P. W. Cheng. 2020. Simplified design criteria for drivetrains in direct-drive wind turbines. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1618. Journal of Physics: Conference Series: 042024. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1618/4/042024, .
  2. Pan, Qi, Feng Guo und Fiona D. Lüdecke. 2023. Nonlinear modelling of shared mooring concepts for floating offshore wind turbines. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2626, Nr. 1. Journal of Physics: Conference Series (November): 012037. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/2626/1/012037, .
  3. Lüdecke, Fiona Dominique, Martin Schmid, Eva Rehe, Sangamithra Panneer Selvam, Nejila Parspour und Po Wen Cheng. 2022. Numerical Aspects of a Two-Way Coupling for Electro-Mechanical Interactions --- A Wind Energy Perspective. Energies 15, Nr. 3. Energies (Februar). doi:10.3390/en15031178,

Einführung Erneuerbare Energien  (Bachlor Erneuerbare Energien)

TryScience (For school students)

2011–2016 Studies of „Renewable Energy Systems“ at TU Dresden with the specialisation of wind energy and electrical grids
  Diploma thesis at Fraunhofer IWES Bremerhaven with the title „Investigation of weather-dependent project plans for offshore wind farms under use of automated optimization“
Since 2017 Researcher at SWE
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