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Johannes Bauer


Research Associate


Allmandring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 0.62


  1. Heudorfer, K., Bauer, J., Caydamli, Y., Gompf, B., Take, J., Buchmeiser, M. R., & Middendorf, P. (2023). Method of Manufacturing Structural, Optically Transparent Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (tGFRP) Using Infusion Techniques with Epoxy Resin Systems and E-Glass Fabrics. Polymers, 15(9), Article 9.
  2. Bauer, J., Heudorfer, K., Caydamli, Y., Gompf, B., Buchmeiser, M. R., & Middendorf, P. (2023). A Method to Manufacture Transparent Composites by Optimizing Refractive Index Match of Fiber and Polymer. In C. Bonten & M. Kreutzbruck (Eds.), 28. Stuttgarter Kunststoffkolloquium. IKT Universität Stuttgart.

Experimental Lightweight Manufacturing Seminar (since 2023)

Since 20xx Research Associate at Institute of Aircraft Design
20xx-20xx Studies of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart
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