Stuttgart Chair for Wind Energy at the "Wind Energy Science Conference"

June 13, 2023

The Stuttgart Chair of Wind Energy at the Institute of Aircraft Design (SWE) was represented with a total of 9 presentations at the "Wind Energy Science Conference" in Glasgow this year. Many thanks to the european academy of wind energy (eawe) and Strathclyde University for organizing the conference.

The following topics were presented by SWE researchers:

  • Dexing Liu: Wake tracking using the proper orthogonal decomposition method
  • Qi Pan: Mooring structural integrity for floating offshore wind turbines with shared mooring lines
  • Vasilis Pettas: Long-term operational management for fatigue and revenue objectives using flexible control and optimization
  • Fiona Lüdecke: Effects of electro-mechanical coupling to wind turbine components
  • Holger Fürst: EMUwind – The Haliade-X Campaign: High-resolution wind field measurements by data fusion in multi-sensor networks
  • Yiyin Chen: Introducing NEOWIND project: Next Generation of Offshore Wind Lidar Measurements
  • Youssef Mahfouz: A passively self-adjusting floating wind farm layout to increase the annual energy production: a dynamic analysis
  • Wei Yu: Control Co-Design optimization of floating wind turbines with tuned liquid multi-column dampers
  • Moritz Gräfe: Correction of motion influence for nacelle-based lidar systems on floating wind turbine
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