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Research group

Concept design and system simulation

Aero-servo-hydro-elastic simulations of the complete wind turbine system

The working group "Concept Design and System Simulation" at the Stuttgart Chair for Wind Energy deals primarily with the numerical aero-servo-hydro-elastic simulation of the overall wind turbine system, onshore and offshore. In addition, simulation-based design concepts are developed in the area of substructures for floating wind turbines.

Focus Areas


The SWE uses the simulation codes FLEX5, SIMPACK, GH Bladed, FAST and MATLAB, which map the dynamics of the overall system, including the external wind and wave loads, the aeroelasticity and the controller in different and suitable problem-specific detail depths. The models are further developed and applied in order to investigate specific problems in detail, in particular with regard to loads on the overall system. Special emphasis is placed on multi-body simulations with the exact modeling of leaf aeroelasticity with nonlinear modal methods, the simulation of aerodynamics with BEM, potential flow and CFD methods, the mapping of hydrodynamics with Morison, linear hydrodynamics and CFD-based approaches, the dynamic nonlinear simulation of the mooring system, as well as the development of simplified simulation models for use in control.

The knowledge gained from simulations is used to conduct concept studies, e.g. the design of floating offshore platforms or the design of innovative control concepts. A validation of the simulation data with measurement data is also carried out. The working group is closely linked to the groups "Test and Measurement" and "Control, Optimization and Monitoring", which also use numerical system simulations in their respective contexts.




Team: Konzeptentwurf und Systemsimulation

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