Vasilis Pettas

Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc.

Research Associate
Institute of Aircraft Design


+49 711 685 67268
+49 711 685 68293

Allmandring 5B
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.66


Loads and control of wind turbines, aeroelasticity, aerodynamics, life time extension

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Always open for starting student projects relevant to my area of research. Please contact me directly if interested. You can also find some available topics in the ILIAS group.


2002-2012 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens
  Diploma thesis: “Numerical investigation of the effects on the flow of the internal configuration of the injection system of a Pelton impulse hydroturbine”
2014-2016 Master of science in Wind Energy at Denmark’s Technical University
  Msc Thesis: “Investigation of ATEflap potential in load alleviation and maximizing energy yield for large wind turbine rotors”
2015-2016 Engineering Intern at Siemens Wind Power Load’s and Validation team in Copenhagen
Since 2/2017 Research assistant at Stuttgart Wind Energy Institute at Stuttgart University
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