Additive Manufacturing Project SYMPA has started

3. September 2018;

On August 30 th, the BMBF/FFG-funded project SYMPA has been kicked off at the research campus ARENA2036 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Within the German/Austrian ERA-NET consortium, 7 partners are working together on the development of new stereolithography materials, production and plasma-postprocessing for durable automotive applications.
The SYMPA partners Daimler, Henkel, Rapidshape, cirp, Joanneum Research, Inocon and IFB will collaborate for 3 years to reach mainly one goal: Being able to produce automotive components with stereolithography processes that endure a vehicle’s lifespan.
This requires improving the mechanical properties of current SL resins by new resin formulations and integrated fibre reinforcement, an adaption of current SL machines to process these new materials, as well as additional surface modifications and coatings for increased environmental resistance.
All developed technologies will be demonstrated on real automotive parts to prove the potential of stereolithography components for industrial use.