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Many people have been and are involved in the e-Genius project. Without their engagement this project had no chance to get airborne.

Current e-Genius Team:

Professor Andreas Strohmayer Project Leader
Professor Voit-Nitschmann (emeritus)  
Dipl.-Ing. Len Schumann Deputy Project Manager: Flight Operation & Aircraft Structure
Dipl.-Ing. Ingmar Geiß Deputy Project Manager: Overall Aircraft Systems
Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Lay Deputy Project Manager: Hybrid Propulsion System
Dominik Eisenhut Student assistant
Janning Quint Student assistant
Roman Raabe Student assistant
Michael Wagner Student assistant
Andreas Bender Student assistant
Stefan Zistler Student assistant


e-Genius was designed and built with the help of many people:

Key people from the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart

Professor Rudolf Voit-Nitschmann Project Leader
Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Geinitz Chief: Propulsion System
Dipl.-Ing. Len Schumann Chief: Airframe and Aerodynamics
Support People from the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart

Andreas Mezger Workshop leader of the institute
Joachim Beh Master mechanic, aeronautic welder
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Schmoldt Engine Monitoring System development
External Support
Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Gerlach E-System Support
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Käser Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Homepage: titel_small
Hans and Falk Rüth Data recording and avionik
Jan Hugenberg Composites Manufacturing Engineer
Johannes Straub Composites Manufacturing Engineer
Michael Harms Landing gear design support
Heinz Seidel Building support, team feed :-)

Special Thanks to:

Eric Raymond CAFE Green Flight Challenge Teamleader
Klaus Ohlmann Pilot for Green Flight Challenge
Hans - Werner Beck Organizer Green Flight Challenge participation
Steffen Gemsa Test Pilot
Dave Freund Vice GFC Team Leader, Trouble Shooter
Students: Seminar Papers, Diploma Theses

Philipp Bendele Diploma thesis: Mechanical design of the cockpit
Ingmar Geiß Diploma thesis: Airworthiness certification
Volker Ginzky Master thesis: Implementation of a diesel-generator-system
Thomas Kalfas Diploma thesis: Flight Tests
Peter Krebs Diploma thesis: Design of the flaperon mixer
Thomas Krieg Diploma thesis: Preliminary Certification
Michael Kufner Diploma thesis: Construction survey on the example of a yaw rudder
Jonas Lay Diploma thesis: Implementation of a Range Extender System
Philipp Marchand Diploma thesis: "Ironbird" construction
Torsten Paluch Diploma thesis: Propeller design, supervised by IAG
Michael Rappsilber Diploma thesis: Aerodynamic study of the fuselage-wing transition
Sabrina Reimann Diploma thesis: Mechanical design propeller
Benjamin Saage Diploma thesis: Preparation of flight tests with a hybrid propulsion chain
Philipp Schleicher Diploma thesis: Detailed fuselage design
Sebastian Seebach Diploma thesis: Empennage design
Oliver Arend Seminar paper: Wing design
Thomas Biwer Seminar paper: Preliminary design of an aircraft family with 4 to 8 seats and fuel cell propulsion system
Marcel Brodbeck Seminar paper: Flight path optimization
Simon Flashaar-Bloedorn Seminar paper: Horitontal stabilizer - detailed design
Houssem Hayouni Seminar paper: Flightmechanical modelling and simulation, supervised by IFR
Denise Heber Seminar paper: CFD simulation of e-Genius, supervised by IAG
Kai Kempke Bachelor thesis: Design of a slim propeller hub
Michael Klein Seminar paper: Optimized winglets, supervised by IAG
Pascal Kohlmeier Seminar paper: Possible Weight Improvement of the Elevator Unit
Florian Krebs Seminar paper: Detailed wing design
Stefan Lakeit Seminar paper: Integration of a range extender: overview and selection of appropriate components
Dino Mehanovic Seminar paper: Opimized wing design, supervised by IAG
Stefan Neumann Seminar paper: Re-design of the wiring harness in the avionics bay
Philipp Nörpel Seminar paper: Feasibility study of an electric powered main gear
Torsten Paluch Seminar paper: Study of design parametes
Martin Pfister Seminar paper: Preperation of the flight test campaign
Julian Scherer Seminar paper: e-Genius model characterisation
Matthias Schmid Seminar paper: Re-programming of the on-board computer
Patrick Schöffner Seminar paper: Mechanical design of aircraft systeme
Simon Schulte-Stromes Seminar paper: Design of a pod
Timo Sonntag Master thesis: Integration of a Diesel-Generator-System
Matthias Strack Seminar paper: Range Extender Integration
Mirijam Weimer Seminar paper: Mission Profile Evaluation
Jan-Hendrik Wendisch Seminar paper: Fuselage design
Patrick Wilhelm Seminar paper: Design of a high power battery pack
Selina Engel Bachelor thesis: Optimization of the Center of Gravity
Jiri Florian Bachelor thesis: Design of 4-seated aircraft with a hybrid propulsion chain
Raimund Mösle Bachelor thesis: Flight log analysis
Valentin Petters Bachelor thesis: Opitimzation of the main gear damper
Joachim Schwenk Bachelor thesis:
Matthias Strack Bachelor thesis: Integrataion of a Wankel Type Range Extender
Student Assistants

Pia Becker  
Tim Bouc  
Andreas Dörr  
Simon Flashaar-Bloedorn  
Sabine Flurer  
Eduardo Finkenwerder  
Ingmar Geiß  
Matthias Harrer  
Daniel Heim  
Matthias Heller  
Simon Jahnke  
Jan Kindleb  
Michael Klein  
Simone Klingenstein  
Johannes Köber  
Felix Kunert  
Bastian Mayer  
Felix Meckenstock  
Dino Mehanovic  
Raphael Neuhaus  
Martin Neumüller  
Torsten Paluch  
Felix Patzke  
Martin Pfister  
Jens Rabe  
Michael Rappsilber  
Benjamin Saage  
Ronny Sachse  
Uwe Sauter  
Philipp Schleicher  
René Schmidt  
Joachim Schwenk  
Li Shiyuan  
Peter Speidel  
Marco Sticker  
Jan Trachte  
Jan-Hendrik Wendisch  
Robert Wuseni  
Han Zhao